#BONUS: Wildfire Ecology, DNA Barcoding Research, Nitrogen Deposition, Nature Conferences, and more!

#72: The Nature of Viruses with Dr. Robert David Siegel Nature's Archive


Hi everyone!

This week’s episode is not a traditional interview episode, but rather more of an update. But I still tried to pack some great nature content in it. Regular episodes return in two weeks,

So what’s on tap today? I have some fascinating updates and topics that I picked up from two nature conferences I attended over the last two weeks. This includes:

  • Complexities of nitrogen deposition and their impacts on land and water
  • Wildfire ecology including using burn scars to measure fire history
  • DNA Barcoding revealing raptor prey
  • Summaries of the CNPS and California Naturalist conferences
  • Preview of upcoming podcast guests

As I said, we’ll be back to normal interview episodes in two weeks, with Allen Fish of the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory talking raptor migrations and raptor biology, counting, and banding. And I have some other wonderful guests with interviews in various stages of production, covering spiders, slime molds, and hydrology and water management.

I also have a question for you all. What would you think if I changed to a “seasonal” release schedule? I explain my thought process in the episode, but the short story is I think I can increase my annual episodes released from 26 to 30 while providing more flexibility for scheduling challenges and I inevitably run into.

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Nature’s Archive interview with Dr. Stu Weiss
Field Guide Episode with Allen Fish and Cricket Raspet

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Closing – Beauty Flow by Kevin MacLoed

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