Incredible Insects Resources

Books and Articles I Referenced

Russo’s Western Galls book

Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates by Eiseman and Charney

Leafminers of North America by Charley Eiseman

NY Times Article I paraphrased

Resources to Find Native Plants

Most of the USA:

Other Organizations and Resources

Webinar: Plant Galls for the Curious Naturalist – Presented by Dr. Merav Vonshak and Michael Hawk

Webinar: Finding and Appreciating Bay Area Plant Galls – Presented by Dr. Merav Vonshak and Michael Hawk

Webinar: Surprising Biodiversity of a Suburban Yard – I mentioned this in answer to a question on the webinar – this is the presentation that talks about attentional focus and seeing small things.

iNaturalist Leafminers of North America Project – Dr. Merav Vonshak’s group that organizes Bay Area BioBlitz events (and has plenty of useful guides on the website)

Relevant Podcast Episodes from Nature’s Archive

Charley Eiseman discusses leaf mining insects – Episode #11

Dr. Doug Tallamy discussed incredible oak trees – Episode #26

Adam Kranz discussed plant galls – Episode #29

Dr. Carrie Olson-Mannind and Sydney Kreutzmann discuss Milkweed – Episode #28

The Pollinator Posse – Episode #15 and #16

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