#70: Talaterra Crossover – Michael Hawk on Tech and Jumpstart Nature

#70: Talaterra Crossover – Michael Hawk on Tech and Jumpstart Nature Nature's Archive


Today’s episode is a crossover episode from the Talaterra feed. Talaterra is a podcast for and about environmental educators, and host Tania Marien recently interviewed me about my tech background and how I’ve transitioned to form Jumpstart Nature.

Jumpstart Nature is forming its first board of directors, just launched It’s All Connected, our bi-weekly newsletter, and now has 10+ volunteers helping in a variety of ways. And we’re hard at work on our inspiring short-form narrative podcast!

Thanks to Tania for hosting me, and be sure to check out Talaterra on your podcast apps!

And be sure to stay tuned for upcoming episodes on viruses in nature, wetlands and wetland restoration, and even the Harpy Eagle!

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The following music was used for this media project:
Music: Spellbound by Brian Holtz Music
Free download: https://filmmusic.io/song/9616-spellbound
License (CC BY 4.0): https://filmmusic.io/standard-license
Artist website: https://brianholtzmusic.com


Transcripts are automatically created, and are about 95% accurate. Apologies for any errors.

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