Resources for Little Uvas Gall Walk

About Little Uvas Open Space Preserve

Little Uvas Creek Open Space Preserve is a 285 acre preserve with 5 ponds, protected in September 2014. The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority manages the preserve.

Galls Induced by Wasps

About The Gall Walk

In 2022, for the second year in a row, Dr. Merav Vonshak (, and Michael Hawk (Nature’s Archive Podcast and Jumpstart Nature) held a special walk on this preserve, which is normally not accessible to the public. This walk corresponded with the Gall Week global event, which is an effort to spread awareness of the wonder of plant galls, and document gall observations on the iNaturalist project.

There is a specific iNaturalist project for this special event:

Dr. Vonshak and created this useful (and printable) Bay Area Gall Brochure, which is a great reference to local galls.

I Want to Learn More About Galls

I Want to Connect to Dr. Vonshak or Michael

Dr. Vonshak’s is on facebook and instagram. And of course, check out the website.

Michael’s Nature’s Archive podcast and photography is on instagram, facebook, and twitter. And his new conservation organization, Jumpstart Nature, is in a soft launch phase. You can follow this exciting endeavor on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Look for a full launch in the next couple of months!