July 7 – Launch Day!

Finally! Despite a global pandemic and my own and many of my guest’s schedules crumpled up, burned, and tossed away, my Nature’s Archive podcast is back on track and ready to launch on Tuesday July 7! And I have some excellent guests to launch the show with! You’ll learn about an audacious Big Year (searching for as many birds one can find in a year) to raise awareness to environmental issues, how volunteering opens a lifelong series of doors, running an Audubon chapter, and much more! This is just the start!

COVID-19 did moderately disrupt my own life – mainly higher demands from my day job and my family, but I’ve escaped relatively unscathed thus far. I’m fortunate to be working and healthy. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for a few people I’d lined up as guests. Thankfully, they are all recovering and/or persevering, and I hope to get them back on the schedule in future months. And now that everyone is much more comfortable with Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, etc, I’m finding more openness to the concept of remote interviews.

What is Nature’s Archive Podcast About?

In Nature’s Archive Podcast, I interview people who have charted unique or non-traditional ways to make a difference in the world of conservation and ecology. As an example, some of my guests have leveraged their own unique strengths, whether it be art, photography, communications, or just a passion to learn and share. I hope these discussions inspire you, impart knowledge that applies to your situation, and provides some tidbits ecological insight along the way.

How do I define non-traditional? Well, I admit I use the term liberally. Mainly, I’m looking at paths that don’t necessarily involve wildlife management, ecology, environmental science, or related degrees. That is a well documented and admirable path, and I strongly encourage everyone to further their conservation efforts with higher education. But my podcast doesn’t intend to cover this traditional path.

Ultimately, This Is An Experiment

Yes, I want to be clear that this podcast is an experiment. I just want to learn, share and see where it leads.

What I hope for is that you enjoy the content, provide me feedback, allowing me to continue to improve the show through better production, more interviews, and specific content that you ask for. Maybe you have a suggestion for a guest? Maybe you want more content about nature photography? Or how to find lizards? Or suggestions for self study? Whatever it is, please let me know at naturesarchivepodcast@gmail.com.

How to Support the Show

If this all works out, it will certainly demand more time. I don’t monetize the show, but there are many ways to support the show:

  • Review and leave feedback for the show on iTunes or your podcast service of choice.
  • Share the podcast with a friend.
  • Follow me on Instagram or Facebook
  • Sign up for my email list – I promise I will only send emails about the show and content directly relevant to the show – perhaps two a month. No sales pitches. No spam.
  • Or more directly support my show through purchasing my photographic art at www.naturesarchive.com.

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