A New Nature Podcast With an Inspiring Twist

Each episode I interview ecologists, educators, researchers, conservationists, birders, ecotourism leaders and others who have made a difference in conserving the natural world and educating the public about the importance of preservation.

Learn how they were able to chart their own unconventional course to success and how you can learn from their experiences to be a better naturalist, birder, ecologist, and nature advocate.  

Why A Nature Podcast?

If you’ve ended up here, chances are you are already passionate about the natural world.

Perhaps you are in school, searching for a meaningful way to help to help endangered wildlife. Or you’re mid-career looking to make a change to a more lasting and meaningful profession. Or you’re simply fed-up with the constant pressure being put on our habitats and ecosystems, seemingly from all directions. Or you simply have a thirst for learning about the plants and animals you see every day.

Who Is Nature’s Archive?

Nature’s Archive Podcast (launching July 2020) is here to help. In fact, I fit all of those categories above – which is how this podcast came to be. My name is Michael Hawk, and I’ve worked in tech in Silicon Valley for about the last 20 years. Over this time, I’ve had an interest in hiking and nature photography, which developed into a smoldering desire to learn more about the interconnections of the plants and animals I was seeing. As I learned more, the more concerned I became for the health of the environment and the political decisions being made.

Over the last few years, I’ve found there are many more just like me who want to learn more about not just the ecology that surrounds them, but also how to make a difference in the busy world that we live.

By listening to the podcast you’ll be introduced to unique guests who often take the road less traveled to make an impact. We’ll discuss not only what they did, but HOW and WHY they did it, and try to abstract out important lessons that others can apply in their own journey. And to top it off, you’ll learn fascinating stories of the plants and animals all around us.

Whether you want to make a difference just in your own life, in your family’s lives, in your community, or across the world, you’ll hear from authors, biologists, non-profit leaders, and interesting people who defy categorization.

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